Acquire Instant Fund Despite Credit Issues text-img

24 Jan 2012

Worried because of below average credit score? You will be glad to know the fact that there is a loan category, namely no credit check loans, that can provide you with instant cash despite poor credit or no credit! These are actually unsecured, short term loans that are sanctioned without any credit check!

Amount obtained from no credit check loans can be utilized for accomplishing various needs, including, paying utility bills, repairing your car, making minor improvements in your home, paying monthly installments and credit card dues, buying new handset, sudden medical check ups, and so on.

In same day loans, you can apply for amount varying from AUD100 to AUD1500. Generally, duration to repay the borrowed amount is short, varying approximately from 14 to 31 days. As rates of interest on these loans are slightly higher, you should make the repayment on time! You may be required to pay extra charges or penalties for late payment.

No credit check loans are always available for all the borrowers, satisfying the below listed some simple requirements -

1. Applicant should be regularly employed, with fixed monthly income.

2. Minimum age of making an application is 18 years. Therefore, applicant should be either 18 years or more than that, on the day of submitting the form.

3. For direct online transaction, applicant should possess a valid bank account, in active state.

If you fulfill the above criteria, you can apply for no credit check loans in spite of bad credit, poor credit, below average credit, or no credit. All sorts of credit issues are acceptable, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, arrears, CCJs, skipped payments, due payments, and so on.

Online application is open 24*7! From any location, you can fill the short and simple application form, and submit it. You can get approval in very shorter duration, and can have sufficient fund in your account, sitting in your home or office! But, before making an application for no credit check loans, you need to do some research. You can also apply for free online quotes, and compare them, to receive amount at reasonable rates!


No credit check loans can provide borrowers with instant cash, irrespective of credit issues. These loans are basically granted on the basis of borrower monthly income.